Clean Up Your Property

Turn to us for residential power washing services in Eau Claire, WI

Enhancing your curb appeal is easy with help from an exterior house cleaning professional. Flamingo Power Washing in Eau Claire, WI will clean off all the mold, algae and more on your property to make sure it's clean and safe. Plus, we can wash your vehicle while we're at it.

Speak to our owner today if you need residential power washing services.

Our residential power washing services

For power washing, we follow a careful, thorough process. When you call us for exterior house cleaning services, we'll:

  • Assess your property to identify problem areas
  • Determine the right techniques to clean your property
  • Use a pre-softwash treatment to loosen dirt and grime
  • Power wash surfaces to eliminate mold, algae and stains
  • Follow up with detail and spot cleaning to remove every last mark
We'll then look over your space and conduct a final inspection of the area to ensure your space is clean. Call 715-889-9597 now to schedule your residential power washing services.